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What is RO?
Ragnarok Online is a popular 2D/3D MMORPG that has attracted millions of players from all over the world. The game is based on Norse mythology […]
Update 03
We are thrilled to inform you that we have updated our game, which includes the following enhancements: We hope you appreciate the new update and […]
Update 02
We are excited to share with you that we have launched a new update for our game, which brings the following improvements: We hope you […]

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We have different features to suit different ways of playing. You can play with other players and explore a world with the things we made for you in the game.

Server Status: Online

Start Playing

Short instruction how to start

  1. Start downloading game client
  2. Create game account (email confirm)
  3. Run Patcher and login to the game
  4. If you have issues - contact us
  5. Invite your friends and enjoy your game

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Awesome RO server that you can have and purchase setup.

Traditional style of gameplay

Our international game server is the best option if you want a well-run, organized, and enjoyable experience. It's based in the EU and mainly uses English. We're proud to be a fair server where you don't have to pay to be successful.

Episode 13.2 (PRE-RENEWAL) Classic

Max Level: 99/70

Rates Exp: x150

Rates Drop: x25-x100

Competitions to determine the most powerful players in the game

You can participate in Battlegrounds 3.0 mode, which includes Conquest, Rush, Deathmatch, BG Room, Telma, Supplies, and KVM Equip. We also have a PVP Arena & PVP Ladder with top 5 players statues in the center of Prontera. 

Battlegrounds 3.0 + KVM

PVP and MVP Ladder + Arena

War of Emperium FE & SE

Numerous options for customizing and appealing your character

You can climb the MVP Ladder, get freebies for newbies, and earn rewards through our Hour-online system & daily rewards. We also have hunting missions for cool equipment, 200+ different interesting quests for headgears and equipment, and 2000+ costumes that you can obtain. Also we developed Costume System.

1500+ self-made beautiful palettes

2000+ Costumes headgears

200+ Quests for equip with bonuses

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We have dozens of self-made commands, and utility NPCs for serving your requests in the game.

Basic Information

  • Episode 13.2 PRE-RE on modern game client
  • Max Level: 99/70
  • Rates Exp: x150
  • Rates Quest: x50
  • Rates Drop from: Normal x100, Miniboss x50, MVP x25
  • Rates Drop for Cards from: Normal 1%, Miniboss 0.1%, MVP 0.01%
  • Main Server language: English
  • Server Location: Europe
  • Server TimeZone: UTC (Europe/London)

Server Features

  • Battlegrounds 3.0 (Conquest, Rush, Deathmatch, BG Room, Telma, Supplies, KVM Equip), registration from NPC or client
  • PVP Arena & PVP Ladder with top 5 players' statues in the center of Prontera
  • MVP Ladder
  • Freebies for newbies
  • Hour-online system & rewards
  • Daily Rewards
  • Hunting Missions for cool equipment
  • 200+ Quests for headgears and equipment
  • 2000+ Costumes
  • Costume System (+convert)
  • Regular Hourly Events
  • WoE 1.0 & WoE 2.0 with castle drop
  • Warper with access to MVP locations
  • Zeny, Coins, Badges to Cashpoints and vice versa (not p2w)
  • Job changer, breeder, platinum skills, stats/skill resetter
  • Navigation System & Banking System
  • Costume Robes (100+)
  • Unique palettes 1500+, hair styles 90+, hair colors
  • Always something to do in the game
  • Dozens of self-made commands and utility NPCs for serving your requests
  • Announcer
  • Vending Zone
  • Warper
  • Enchant System
  • No click delays or lags in the game client
  • Compatible with modern hardware (laptops + discrete GPU)
  • Well tuned, polished, mid-rate game server with a lot of fun inside
  • 50+ @commands (@restock, @spb, @joinbg, and so on)
  • Active GameMaster team & support


Our game offers various free rewards for newcomers, teams, and guilds. You can discover many of these features by exploring the world and enjoy a more convenient gaming experience.

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 10 x64 or later
  • CPU: Intel Pentium 1.6Ghz and higher
  • GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 610 or better
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM or more
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 5 GB available space
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